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Top 10 Pharmacogenomics Companies - 2022


Pharmacogenomics is the branch of biotechnology dealing with genomic information to learn the effects and dosage of drugs on people, or in a simpler sense, it is the study of how differences in people’s genetics affect drug response. According to research, the pharmacogenomics market was valued at 7,169.74 million dollars in 2021 and is expected to reach 10,819.51 million dollars by 2027.

Each human genome is unique, just as each human being is unique. Therefore, each individual’s reaction to drugs is different. It is possible to incur costs, money, and adverse effects from the use of medications when a trial-and-error method is followed. And this high incidence rate of the adverse effect of medications is also promoting the adoption of pharmacogenomics in the global market. In recent years, researchers have focused on eliminating trial-and-error methods and studying human genomics to determine how drugs can best be prescribed at the individual’s level and based on their genetics.

The latest trend in pharmacogenomics is the provision of molecular diagnostic tools, which are used to optimize drug selection and dosage. With the rise of genome-wide sequencing or exome sequencing, genetic testing, and genomic services, improved usage of genetic information, drug selection, and dosage is possible.

With the rapid evolution of technologies, digital devices are developed to track user activity and capture digital biomarkers. Pharmacogenomics companies tap into advancing DNA technologies and digital health solutions to harness big data from genomics and revolutionize clinical trials and medical therapy.

In this edition, our aim is to provide readers with insights into the pharmacogenomics space.

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    Top Pharmacogenomics Companies

  • 3D Imaging has the ability of assisting with early preclinical through first in man, formulations, dosing, clinical pharmacokinectic, and pharmacodynamic trials to post-marketing studies of the final formulation. It also provides customized research services, custom manufacturing of finished radiopharmaceuticals, GMP manufacturing for clinical trials and approved clinical products, and complete regulatory support for clients’ studies.

  • Wellness Labs is a full-service independent laboratory that democratizes PGx testing by rendering it affordable and easily accessible. Wellness Labs believes the higher price point associated with PGx testing is one of the critical reasons historically hindering its democratization.

  • Coriell Life Sciences collaborates with healthcare providers, laboratories, pharmacy benefit managers, self-insured employers, payers, and public sector entities to drive significant healthcare cost savings and improve patient health. Coriell Life Sciences has built technologies that unlock the power of genetic testing and invests in ongoing research that advances the field of precision medicine.

  • Katalyst Healthcare Corporation

    Katalyst Healthcare Corporation

    Katalyst Healthcare Corporation offers COVID-19 testing on-site in homes, schools, events, small, midsize organizations and enterprise clients. They also provide PCR & Rapid Antigen for rapid and highly accurate results and comprehensive emergency medical services, telemedicine solutions and compliance solutions to some of the nation’s leading organizations.

  • AltheaDx


    AltheaDx is a commercial-stage molecular diagnostics company intended to specialize in the field of pharmacogenomics. The company’s bioinformatics platform and PGx product testing portfolio assist healthcare providers in identifying optimal drugs for their patients as well as dosing guidelines based on a patient’s genetic make-up, current prescription regimen and other key factors, enabling healthcare providers to make timely and evidence-based decisions.

  • Cygenex


    Founded in 2021, Cygenex is a precision medicine company dedicated to delivering best-in-class genetic and Pharmacogenomics (PGx) testing, data analytics, and end-to-end medical management solutions. They provide end-to-end management solutions for third party administrators, brokers and insurance (Stop Loss) payors with their proprietary risk stratification and comprehensive data analytics.

  • Geneticure


    Geneticure offers pharmacogenomic tests designed to help predict treatment methods for chronic and dangerous diseases. The company’s tests use multi-gene, diseasespecific genomic panels, supported by clinical evidence that helps doctors and clinicians create personalized and patient-specific treatments for controlling high blood pressure and hypertension, enabling patients to have painless and affordable at-home tests to achieve their blood pressure goals.



    GENETWORx offers a personalized, convenient Phlebotomy program to provide patients accessibility to high quality, personal care. Their mobile phlebotomists serve patients in long-term care facilities, offices and even within the comfort of patients’ own homes. They provide ongoing COVID-19 testing so that states, employers and organizations can continue or again open their operations with a safe and healthy workforce.

  • GenToX


    GenToX helps healthcare providers offer personalized patient care through Pharmacogenomics programs and treatment solutions. Their Pharmacogenomics programs fill the needs of different healthcare segments for personalized care for patients and individuals. By being able to see how an individual’s genes affect their response to drugs, it can help develop effective, safe medications and doses that will be tailored to their genetic makeup.

  • OneOme


    OneOme, co-founded by Mayo Clinic, is working to help providers incorporate pharmacogenomics into patient care by offering the RightMed Test and associated tools. The company combines leading-edge laboratory testing, advanced analytics, and clinical decision support solutions thereby serving health systems, payers, and employers.