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Top 10 Pharmacovigilance Consulting / Services Companies - 2019


Today, driven by the rising application of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare and pharma landscape, the accuracy of pharmacovigilance (PV) operations has considerably increased. The AI-driven pharmacovigilance offers more precise predictive accounts of safety issues and case processing, along with improved aggregate reporting, and signal detection. Coupled with the implementation of AI, pharmacovigilance companies are adopting several other leading-edge technologies like optical character recognition, robotic process automation, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning technologies to automate redundant tasks in the PV processes.

Leveraging machine learning technologies, pharmacovigilance teams, today, are effectively processing the ever-growing volumes of data. At the same time, with the use of ML, PV signal management tools—for collection of adverse drug reaction (ADR) data—are also showing promises of scouting the web for meaningful data related to a specific drug to predict or detect the probable instances of ADR.

Widespread digitalization of pharmacovigilance sector has pushed pharma companies to actively seek third-party pharmacovigilance solution providers to outsource their PV and regulatory activities related to managing and maintaining drug information. The multitude of pharmacovigilance service providers in the market today makes it difficult for companies to choose an appropriate vendor providing services best suited to their requirements. This edition of Pharma Tech Outlook presents to you, 10 most promising pharmacovigilance solution providers of 2019, featuring companies who are radically transforming the field of pharmacovigilance. Over the past few months, a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs and the editorial team of Pharma Tech Outlook have reviewed companies in the pharma tech sector and have shortlisted the forerunners who are meeting the challenges of the industry head-on.

We present to you, Pharma Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Pharmacovigilance Consulting/Services Companies – 2019.”

    Top Pharmacovigilance Consulting/Services Companies

  • A global, science-led biopharmaceutical company that focuses on the discovery, development and commercialisation of prescription medicines

  • A Global Clinical Research Service and Consulting Organization working to improve human quality of life by supporting innovation in the life science industry

  • PSI International provides a blend of information technology, health science, and social services support to help federal and commercial clients around the world embrace pharmacovigilance

  • SSI provides consulting services to support the needs of the Medical Office including, Medical Affairs, Pharmacovigilance, and Clinical Development by combining business acumen and consulting discipline to service life science industry clients

  • APCER Life Sciences

    APCER Life Sciences

    APCER Life Sciences is pharmaceutical services provider that is committed to improve the health industry through partnerships with its clients. The firm aims to bring together safety, medical, regulatory and technology resources to ensure that patients receive the most effective therapy and treatment available. With a global infrastructure of scientific and medical experts, the firm is supported by integrated processes and regulatory-compliant technology systems, which has proven to be responsive and scalable through exponential growth since 2007. APCER’s foundations lay in its deep industry knowledge and hands-on experiences in the pharmaceutical industry

  • Lambda Therapeutic Research

    Lambda Therapeutic Research

    Lambda offers full spectrum clinical trial solutions empowered by more than 14 years of service to the biopharmaceutical and generic industry. At Lambda, the gamut of their services under the clinical research domain is executed with comprehensive efforts, to deliver positive results. Led by a management team of highly qualified and experienced industry leaders, the company applies innovative technologies, therapeutic expertise, and a commitment to quality in order to help clients develop products safely, effectively, and quickly. To create benchmarks and shape the future of the clinical research industry by ensuring quality, reliability and value added services is the company’s vision

  • Linical


    Linical’s data science centers offer tailored concepts across all key therapeutic areas with particular expertise in early phase I/II studies. Moreover, pivotal phase 2/3 trials are supported, but also late-phase approaches such as observational studies, post approval studies (PAS) and post authorization safety studies (PASS), to serve global as well as regional and national projects. The company thrives for efficient solutions that are helping their clients. Linical works as integrated teams functioning with maximum transparency throughout each study, making sure that a client is kept up to date on progress and all study parameters

  • Navitas Life Sciences

    Navitas Life Sciences

    Navitas Life Sciences delivers platform-driven full-service clinical, regulatory and safety solutions, and services. As the dedicated life sciences brand of TAKE Solutions, Navitas Life Sciences operates across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. Navitas Life Sciences combines the knowledge and experience of three legacy brands - Ecron Acunova, Navitas, and Intelent. Thus, Navitas brings together the capabilities of a full-service CRO, a technology-led life sciences services provider, and expertise in analytics and data sciences to address critical challenges and drive outcomes for life sciences. The company’s trial expertise is augmented by OneClinical, a platform that delivers trial oversight, analytics, and insights to drive successful study outcomes

  • TFS


    TFS was founded in 1996 and has grown to become a leading global mid-size clinical CRO focusing on small and mid-size life science customers. TFS employs more than 700 professionals throughout 21 countries and currently delivers clinical research services in more than 40 countries. TFS provides end-to-end solutions and flexible single services. TFS’ partnering approach with customers is based on four business principles – commitment, flexibility, value creation, and global reach. TFS is therapeutically specialized in oncology, immunology, dermatology, ophthalmology, CNS, cardiology, and endocrinology. TFS is in the business of improving and refining the delivery of better healthcare outcomes to ensure customers' successes

  • UBC


    United BioSource LLC (UBC) is a leading provider of pharmaceutical support services, partnering with life science companies to make medicine and medical products safer and more accessible. The company’s diverse suite of services helps bridge the gap between development and delivery and builds brand loyalty through patient access and adherence. UBC is well known for their ability to generate authoritative, real-world evidence of product effectiveness, safety, and value to assist healthcare decisions and enhance patient care. UBC is dedicated to global product safety, brand loyalty, and patient access strategies that support the full product lifecycle